Assessing Data Governance Maturity and Capability

The level of awareness of the value proposition for data governance has increased to the point that many organizations are exploring and committing to the establishment of an enterprise data governance program. Many professionals tasked with instituting the program still face the challenges of assessing business requirements for data governance and developing an plan that balances the administrative aspects of defining and agreeing to policies and the operationalization of the activities necessary for ensuring compliance with those policies.

In this tutorial, we explore how a capability and maturity model for data governance practices can be used as a tool for assessment, goal-setting, identifying relevant gaps, and prioritizing the tasks for operationalizing data governance in ways that are measurable, auditable, and meet the business’s needs. This tutorial is designed for practitioners interested in leveraging the enterprise’s existing practices and strengths to accelerate the managed rollout of a data governance program.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Scoping the areas of focus for data governance
  • Adapting a maturity model to the corporate culture
  • Soliciting business requirements for data governance
  • Goal-setting to meet business objectives
  • Assessing the current levels of capability and maturity
  • Analyzing gaps and prioritizing opportunities
  • Developing the Data Governance Program Plan