Developing the Business Intelligence and Analytics Roadmap

As the rate of technology innovation in the business intelligence and analytics space continues to accelerate, so does the anxiety associated with thoughtfully selecting technologies and planning their integration and deployment within the enterprise. With new computing platforms, data management schemes, and analytic algorithms appearing daily, there is a need for articulating what the key value drivers are for the business and then understanding how these technologies are suited to address existing and emerging business challenges.

In this workshop, we will provide a structured framework for articulating business objectives for reporting, business intelligence, and analytics, evaluate whether the existing system architecture remains suitable for the future, and then work together to identify which technologies are ripe for evaluation and then establish a medium- and long-term roadmap for adoption and integration. In addition we will explore the change management challenges and opportunities for system renovation and new technology adoption.

Attendees will draft a high-level 5-10 year roadmap for Business Intelligence/Analytics technology.

You Will

  • Work through exercises to precisely articulate business value objectives.
  • Reflect on the suitability of the current state of their enterprise BI/Analytics architecture.
  • Consider the benefits and drawbacks of maturing and emerging technologies.
  • Specify key technology objectives for the next 2, 5, and 10 years.
  • Outline a Business Intelligence and Analytics roadmap.

Geared To

Business managers who need new tools to help them shape the future of the business; BI program managers, architects, and project managers; BI and analytics leaders and managers; Business analysts who want awareness of evolving BI/Analytics technologies.