Developing Your Data Governance Program

Is data governance right for you? If so, get a jump-start on assembling your data governance program!

Knowledge Integrity is pleased to announce a new onsite training offering for companies exploring the creation of a data governance capability. Our one- and two-day training workshops have been developed as a mix of knowledge transfer and interactive sessions to lead organizations in prioritizing their data management objectives and scoping their data governance program.

Our one-day workshop is broken into four sessions, as shown here:

Session Title


Part 1:Data Governance Fundamentals This “Data Governance 101” session introduces the fundamentals for developing an organizational data governance program, and provides a high level guide for managers and practitioners in aspects of data governance, including the general roles of data governance committee members and data stewards, “data characteristics,” defining data policies, data quality assessment, measurement, and monitoring, data incident tracking and management, metadata and data standards, and organizational data governance expectations.
Part 2:Workshop: Assessing Your Organization’s Data Governance Capability Attendees will share information about their perceptions of the levels of maturity and capability of particular data governance and data quality-related tasks. Survey answers will be discussed and during this interactive session attendees will share their perceptions and experiences regarding existing activities for data governance, including approaches to defining data structures and semantics, enterprise data policies, data stewardship, identifying data issues, notifications, data validations, data cleansing, and other uses of data governance tools and methods.
Part 3:Operational Data Governance In this session we look at ways that data policies are put into practice, largely focusing on metadata, data standards, and data quality management.
Part 4:Workshop: Data Governance Scenarios, Operating Model Concepts, and Data Policies Through an interactive discussion reviewing existing issues we will explore the best operating model for defining, proposing, approving, disseminating, and monitoring compliance with data standards and data policies.