Innovation Awareness

There is continuous innovation taking place that potentially improve the way applications for business intelligence, analytics, and delivery of actionable insight are developed, implemented, and integrated within an enterprise. Some of these innovations are evolutionary in that they incrementally influence change within the organization, while others are disruptive and inspire fear, uncertainty, and doubt about their potential impacts. In many cases, the innovations appear from beyond the world of data warehousing and business intelligence, but are rapidly adapted to meet the needs of the business intelligence community. Some examples include NoSQL, Hadoop, columnar and in-memory processing, and Internet of Things (IoT).

This class’s intent is twofold. First, we provide an overview of emerging technologies and tools and describe what those technologies do, how they work, their level of relative maturity in the market, how they improve or augment the typical enterprise, who in the organization will benefit, ways those people will benefit, and what you need to know to integrate those technologies into the enterprise. Second, we present a high-level framework for investigating new and emerging technologies is a way that sheds light on new technologies, reduces or eliminates fear and uncertainty about their capabilities and value justifications, and helps to rapidly evaluate validity for inclusion within your enterprise.

You Will Learn

  • Practical details about maturing and emerging tools such as NoSQL, Hadoop, IoT, data warehouse automation (DWA), and other timely innovations
  • Types of tools and techniques that are being readied for “prime-time”
  • How to ask the right questions to determine benefits and practicality
  • Methods to differentiate value from hype

Geared To

Business managers who need new tools to help them shape the future of the business; BI program managers, architects, and project managers; BI and analytics leaders and managers; Business analysts who want awareness of evolving BI/Analytics technologies.